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About Me


Kevin Paculan is a Filipino American voice actor and audio mixer hailing from Seattle, Washington. He graduated from Central Washington University in 2018 with a BA in Film & Video Studies and a minor in Studio Art. Kevin has worked on numerous projects including audio dramas, indie video games and animation, and promotional work for trailers. His most notable role is Link Sohn from the animated short Kamikaze: Embrace the Fire by Moving Ink Media. He is also well known for his role as Vic Vass in the audio drama series, Under the Electric Stars by Eli Ramos.

If there’s one word that describes Kevin’s venture into the world of voiceovers, it’s “spontaneous.” It all began on a snowy but sunlit Saturday morning in Ellensburg, Washington when he took a stroll downtown and entered a music store near the campus. Out of the blue, Kevin purchased a USB microphone and ever since his first recording, he became more enamored of the craft of voice acting. For the first time in his life, Kevin was proud to call this strange origin of an activity a passion, even if it went beyond quiet hours in his dorm. Who cares if it’s what you love to do?

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys writing stories, mixing audio, swimming, playing piano, and playing/studying video games. Also, being an artistic soul, he enjoys pottery, spray paint art, photography, and has a strong fascination with aviation. Perks of being born in an airbase in Mississippi.



“When looking for a hard to find character voice, we needed someone special. Not only did Kevin do the work of researching the character, but out of the entire cast, he was the ONLY actor to go to the source material. His attention to detail is phenomenal and it shows up beautifully in his acting.”

- Carrie Tupper, Animation Voice Director



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